What's Holding Back your Fitness Performance?

by - April 15, 2022

 What’s Holding Back Your Fitness Performance?

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If your athletic performance has started to slide without any real explanation, it can be very frustrating. However, the reality of the situation is that there must be a reason behind your struggles.

Of course, getting older can play a role. Nonetheless, there are many other factors that could be harming your progress. Here are five that you must consider:

Inadequate rest

The value of getting a good night’s sleep cannot be emphasised enough. Even one poor night’s sleep could impact your sporting performance on the following day. Meanwhile, falling into bad sleep habits can bring long-term disruption to your progress. Aside from a lack of energy, it stops your muscles from recuperating properly. 

In short, getting enough rest is a vital ingredient in the recipe for success. The average adult needs 7-9 hours per night, but you should take the time to determine what works for you.

Additionally, consider WHEN you sleep. Do you turn into a crazed beast post-10pm if you're not in bed asleep? I do. I've learned that my ideal sleep time is between 10pm-6am then I can mostly work with the natural light and be my best early-bird self. Sleep taken earlier is more replenishing than sleep taken post 11pm. Google that.

Untreated injuries

When you experience a major injury blow, you will almost certainly complete a rest and rehab programme. But underlying issues could be causing reduced performance levels despite not causing too much pain. Chiropractors and other professionals can help. By managing those issues, it can unlock a return to optimal performance. My chiropractor has made a huge amount of difference to the bursitis I experienced! I always feel so relaxed after seeing her.

Aside from aiding your sporting activities, it goes a long way to improving daily habits. And preventing postural problems in later life. So, it is vital that you take this step seriously.

The wrong attire

Wearing the right workout clothes doesn’t only make you look and feel good. In many cases, the right items can actively support your performance. Choosing the right running shoes, for example, can shave seconds off of your 5k time. Similarly, selecting the right base layer can prevent discomfort. This allows you to perform without distraction.

It should also be noted that weight lifting belts and gloves can help you keep a better form and lift more weight. This is in addition to preventing injuries, which should be deemed vital. Gloves are essential for me even when lifting my 8kg kettlebell to avoid blisters!

No enjoyment

Even if you used to love a particular sporting activity, it is possible that your passion will fade over time. When this happens, sports coaches can help you find a better activity. From solo activities to team games, the fresh surroundings can keep you mentally engaged. In turn, your speed, strength, and athletic performance can soar.

Besides, taking a break from your former favourite may see your love return. Even if it doesn’t, doing an exercise that you love will lead to consistency as well as better results. For me, reuniting with a childlike play experience of trampolining really helped me in losing 13kg last year! It's SO much fun to bounce and dance and make up dances and mime the words to the songs all while burning loads of calories and getting a really good workout in general!

Workout timings

If you’ve ever felt that you perform better either in the morning or at night, there is a good chance that you are right. This could be due to your job, nutrition, or mental state at different times of the day. So, while it may seem a little illogical, finding the best time for your workouts is a genuine method to restore your performance levels. Are you better after eating? Do you prefer working out fasted in the morning? Keep a track of it and work with yourself!

As with many aspects of your fitness routines, the key is to find what works for you. Once you have, you’ll feel far more confident in everything that you do.

Don't forget just reading this is a good step towards increasing your performance! You're doing good :)

Now go take action!

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