The Very Real Dangers of Fad Diets

by - March 29, 2023

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There are some serious dangers of fad diets when you begin one, and in almost all cases, they are also under-researched. If you are thinking of starting one, like Atkins, please read this first.

Severe Risk of Deficiencies

When you begin a fad diet, you are putting yourself at risk. There is a high probability you are a “yo-yo” dieter. And this method of weight loss causes severe deficiencies in certain minerals and vitamins, leading to poor lifestyle choices, weak bones, and heart issues. And you are paying for the privilege. However, by doing it the right way, you can get slim and save on meal replacement diets with highly nutritious meal plans like those from experts like Everyday Plan.

A Poor Body Image

One of the major issues with fad diets is that you can experience a poor body image or a more severe case of body dysmorphia. When either of these happens, you are not happy with how you look. Social media influencer and celebrity comparison can be a major part of this. And they often promote fad diets themselves. With little to no evidence, they use them. And this can be disastrous when you realize your latest fad diet isn’t working as you thought it would.

The Dangers of Fad Diets Includes Eating Disorders

According to official WHO data, around 9% of the world’s population has an eating disorder. And fad dieting can either cause or make these worse. Without a solid routine of structured dieting and nutritious, varied, and healthy meals, your weight will fluctuate. Or, on the severe end, shift towards the extreme of one or the other, such as severe weight loss or weight gain brought on by an eating disorder.

Loss of Muscle Mass

Fad diets often promote fast and effective weight loss. But there really isn’t any such thing. Weight loss must be controlled in a healthy and nutritious way. If not, you risk all kinds of issues, and this includes loss of muscle mass. This often occurs with fad diets because you deprive your body of key nutrients that it needs to sustain muscle. Or in some cases, your body will break down available muscle to use in place of the nutrients your new diet is keeping from it.

Risks of Severe Illnesses

The extreme deprivations that fad diets typically use can cause all kinds of severe long-term health problems. A lack of certain nutrients that are needed for adequate body function is dangerous. For example, some believe a low-carb, high-fat diet severely increases the chances of heart problems. Others believe it’s the way forward for optimal health. Whatever aligns with your values is best. 

Further, you may run the risk of certain diseases related to the kidneys, liver, and even the brain if you use a dangerous fad diet. In short, no fad diet is worth the severe long-term risks. In my humble opinion whole foods, minimal sugar, organic wherever possible and an huge variety of vegetables and fruits are always the best option. 


Keeping a healthy weight is challenging for a lot of people. However, there are some dangers of fad diets to look out for. These include nutrient deficiency, eating disorders, and organ problems. 

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