Giving Yourself Time and Space to Heal

by - April 13, 2023

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One of the main frustrations with any form of recovery is that it takes time. If you’re trying to get back to normal after an injury, if you’re trying to heal from grief, or if you’re dealing with a bad breakup, we all know it can take time to restore yourself.

However, even if we intellectually understand this, it can be hard to abide by the timeline needed to feel better. You want to get out, to make things happen, and to try to live your normal life. This, however, can be the worst thing possible in some circumstances. If you’ve gone through a divorce, heading onto the dating circuit two weeks later is probably not a healthy way to process your emotions.

The hardest, but also the most necessary pursuit you could prioritize is giving yourself time and space to heal, the way you need to. This can sound nice on the surface, and even wise, but what does it mean? In this post, we’ll discuss that and more:

Give Yourself A Timeline Of Growth

It’s easy to become restless and tired if you feel that you’re not making progress, and this can inspire you to force that path forward. This is why it’s good to break down your healing process into weeks, so you can incrementally improve at the right rate. So for example, with the help of an osteopath’s service such as, you can come up with a recovery plan, including mobility exercises, in-person sessions, physical therapy and counselling. That can give you something to work on, and also a rest period between sessions. You’ll know the program will help you, because it has been customized for you and professionally designed. This can help you trust another’s professional judgement, as opposed to ripping the band-aid off too quickly.

Look For Healthy Pursuits & Focus

It’s easy to obsess over an issue and to apply overcorrected actions if you’re not careful. Looking for healthy pursuits can be a good balm for that. So for example, if you’re trying to heal from a relationship gone bad, you might focus on gardening rather than heading out onto the bar scene just yet. This can build self-reliance, helps you express your physical tension, and at a time when your efforts are crumbling, you’ll be able to build and grow something to be proud of. Sometimes we just need a healthy outlet to express that energy, so don’t be afraid to focus elsewhere.

Keep It Simple

When we have a difficult life experience, it’s very easy to overcompensate, or to try and distract ourselves as much as possible. You might start ten new hobbies, or focus on hanging out with your friends at every opportunity, or throw yourself into work. A much healthier approach is to simplify your life. Focus on a few pursuits you can really invest in. Get involved in working out slowly, or reading and writing that novel you care about. Learn to cook more complex meals. Walk in the park. That’s all you need. When you take a knock in life, it’s good to let simplicity comfort you. Remember, you don’t need to be that all-singing, all-dancing version of yourself right now. Just give yourself time to breathe.

With this advice, we hope you can allow yourself that time and space to heal.

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