Raw 'Slaw

by - January 31, 2015

Raw Coleslaw With Carrots, Apple, Red Cabbage, Lemon Juice, Chilli and Natural Yoghurt.

Shop-bought coleslaw is a shame: raw carrot and cabbage are winners but laden in mayonnaise it just turns it into a side dish of dessert proportions and it's flavourless because all you can taste is the mayonnaise. After a protein-heavy meal at Casa Don Carlos last night and plenty of red wine, this morning I craved something cleansing, fresh and light that would wake me up. This has a whole chilli, which will wake you up, and the juice of a lemon "Lemons are liver-loving with astringent properties that clean the digestive tract, stimulate bile and saliva and cleanse the blood" (Eat Pretty)

We all know that carrots are amazing but what do you know about red cabbage? Well it is anti-cancer, contains silicon which protects your hair and nails against breakage, vitamin C, K and B.

Apples contain pectin which inhibits appetite and the overall fibre content of all the ingredients together will ensure you feel full (as they expand due to their water content, in your stomach). That's why places like Foodilic are so clever because not only is the food delicious, you can't actually eat that much of it (it's all you can eat) because it's so plant based.

This is just a case of shredding everything into a bowl and then chopping in the chili, seasoning and spooning in a couple of spoonfuls of natural yoghurt. The pro-biotics in the natural live yoghurt will boost your immune system and prevent you from becoming ill from your lack of sleep after the party.

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