SICK FOOD #2 Beetroot and Red Lentil Hummous with Baked Courgette Chips

by - March 05, 2015

This is fun! it's purple and green :) 100% plant based, cheap, cheerful, easy peasy lemon squeezy and DELICIOUS. Only 6 ingredients: Lemon, Courgette, Beetroot, Red Lentils, Garlic and Sesame oil and Seeds (ok, 7) and parsley (Fine, 8! but it's worth it!)

This is for everyone, whether you are ill or not but if you are ill, the raw garlic in this will smash that cold back to wherever it came from, as it is one of nature's most powerful antivirals, and the collective effort of all the vegetables, lemon juice and fresh parsley (the A-team) will follow with a load of vitamin C. Also if you have lost your appetite due to your sickness, sometimes what you need is just a light meal when you do feel up to eating again. Beetroot contains high levels of antioxidants, which is apparent in it's vibrant dark colour (the deeper the colour the higher the concentration of antioxidants). It's high potassium content will help to rehydrate you, which you'll no doubt need as you will lose fluids through sweating as well as simply being ill, as your body spends more energy fighting the virus. 

To make:

Half a cup of red lentils - Boil them alive
2 cooked vaccum packed beetroots
1 tblsp sesame oil 
Juice of half a very juicy lemon
One garlic clove
One courgette
Salt and pepper

Slice your courgette into circles and then pat dry with kitchen towel
Salt and pepper the little beauties and whack them into a preheated oven of 200 degrees for about 20 mins - Check on them!. You will need to line your baking tray with parchment paper to keep them crisp. Also they shrink loads, so it's better to make maybe use two if you want to produce a fair amount.
Chop the beetroot - although you're going to blend it so no need to chop much
Cook the lentils in a pan of boiling water until soft. 
Blend the lentils, one minced garlic clove (raw) the lemon juice, the sesame oil and beetroot until it's at a consistency you like. Some like it rough.
Then season with black pepper to your tasting. 

This can go in a bowl and look pretty and wait for the courgettes. Dress the hummous up with some flat leaf parsley (makes such a delicious difference) and sesame seeds. Get the chips out and plate up!
If you didn't yeild enough courgette for your tasty dip you can finish it off, like I did, with some other veg that likes dipping. This green pepper (more vitamin C than an orange FYI*) was happy to be cut into very useful shovels to finished it off. Yes that is a bed sheet, I am in bed.
GET WELL SOON! (if you're ill) and put down the orange juice. 90% of the vit-c is lost in the bottling process.

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