Quinoa Tabbouleh (Paleo)

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A quick, easy paleo tabbouleh recipe using quinoa with nutritional information about the ingredients and a suggestion for meat eaters.

Hailing from Lebanon, this easy side dish brings a HUGE amount of flavour with key players, such as mint and lemon and with quinoa substituting the usual bulgar wheat, it's 100% Paleo, caveman-approved, natural goodness. You can have it as a vegan/vegetarian lunch too, as quinoa is a complete protein so it will satisfy you and nourish you throughout.

Mint eases digestion and promotes detox
Spinach is extremely cleansing to the liver and eyes
Parsley is rich in iron and is good for cleansing the blood
Lemon cleanses the liver and strengthens blood vessels
Tomatoes contain lycopene which provides natural UV protection
Cucumber are rich in silicon, kidney cleansers which contain magnesium to keep you calm and potassium to keep you hydrated.

All you have to do is chop it up small or pulse it in a blender until it's chunky and always add extra lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper!

Here she is topped with spiced, griddled chicken. (pic doesn't do it justice)

For the chicken I marinated some breast in ground mustard seeds, cayenne, dried chilli and raw garlic cloves before griddling until cooked through. As soon as it's white eat it! there is a sweet spot between food poisoning and dry, I know it sounds obvious but work for it!



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