Egg-Baked Avocado with Smoked Pancetta, Tomatoes and Spinach Salad

by - December 24, 2014

Have you ever tried warm avocado? how about a baked egg? This is an awesome little brunch that serves a super-healthy paleo diet, is fun to make, interesting and really satisfying.  

You can switch up the salad to whatever you like/have. This is what I used:

2 Avocados - ripe
Medium or small eggs
3 slices of smoked pancetta
Vine baby tomaotes
Grated carrot
Finely chopped red onion
Sesame seeds
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper

Preheat your oven to 180 and your grill to medium/high

Chop 20% off your avocados lengthways - eat the lids and then scoop the stone out and suck all the flesh off that. Yum.

Season both halves with salt and pepper and place onto a foil lined baking tray. 
This is the tricky bit - break your eggs into the cavities. This is why it's better using small eggs because large ones just spill over the side - unless you have hollowed your avocado out loads. I preferred to leave some flesh in because avocado is buff and I wanted to see what it would taste like hot!

No worries if it spills anyway. Bang them in the oven because they will take 20 mins.

Make and dress your salad. Season it and mix it up.

Put your pancetta on your grill tray with the tomatoes still on their vines (look prettier this way don't they?)

Check your eggs. You don't want them hard. When they're around 5 minutes to being done, bang your grill tray in and plate up the salad. Make it look beautiful. Enjoy it. Easy.

The hench amount of salad with the protein from the eggs and bacon as well as the good fat from the egg yolk and avocado and olive oil fills you up so you won't even think about needing any of that shit they call toast. 

Eggs + spinach contain iron. Eating vitamin C at the same time as eating iron helps you to absorb the iron. Guess what has vitamin C in it? spinach, rocket and tomatoes. If you washed this down with freshly squeezed orange juice (do it yourself, the bottling process kills 90% of the vit c) you would be laughing.

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