Soft Boiled Eggs With Spicy & Sour Cucumber Noodles

by - June 15, 2015

A refreshing, easy brunch of soft boiled eggs and cucumber noodles in a hot & sour dressing.

Perfectly cooked boiled eggs with runny yolks on a bed of spiralized cucumber combined with rocket in a hot and sour dressing

This doubles up as a perfect late-summer lunch as rocket comes into season properly in September. It's hard to really know what is or isn't in season in the UK as we are provided access to everything in supermarkets all year round - but eating with the seasons is beneficial in so many ways. Support local produce by popping to your local farmers market or greengrocers, where possible, once in a while, to see what's in season and make the most of produce at it's tastiest and most nutritious. I made it for a brunch after a work's night out so I needed something to wake me up and to help re-hydrate me ready for the day ahead. All you need is a spiralizer which are available online and in cookery shops for under £10 - they are a superb investment for gluten-free/carb-free living.

These main components lead the way towards success:

Preparation time: 15 minutes. Cooking time 5 minutes.

For the salad:

1/2 a Cucumber - Refreshing, cooling & anti-inflammatory
2 Eggs at Room Temperature - Fail-safe hangover cure as they contain cysteine, which breaks down the toxins and delicious with vinegar (think pickled eggs)
Chilli Flakes - Natural stimulant
Handful of Rocket - Peppery, gorgeous, packed with Folic acid and vitamin C and A.

And for the dressing:
Olive oil
White Wine Vinegar
Salt, Pepper and Chilli flakes


Fill a saucepan with boiling water and place your room temperature eggs in there for 5 minutes.
Meanwhile: spiralize your cucumber, make your dressing and get a big bowl of cold water ready. When your eggs are boiled, plunge them straight away into the water to cool. Crack their shells and then peel them underwater, it's easier. Arrange your salad and then pour the dressing over and as many chilli flakes as you can handle. Add your eggs, season with salt and pepper and enjoy!

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