How To Fix A Hangover At Work

by - November 19, 2015

hungover at work

Did you employ a little of the 'YOLO' last night when you knew you had work this morning? I sympathise. We've all done it, and it will happen again. We never learn, do we? We can learn, however, to make it all OK the next day. Because it will all be OK... read on to find out how

So Here's How To Fix A Hangover At Work

Typically this happens on Wednesday or Thursday nights, where we get a little weekend-greedy and want it to be here already. We also think, "It's fine, I only have to do one hungover day and then it's the weekend and I can just have a drink to take the edge off/sleep/whatever"

 However, it has been known to even happen on a Sunday night and then you have to start the work week with a hangover! As if Monday mornings weren't hard enough!
 (if you're reading this on a Monday morning, you cray)

Weirdly, I always seem to be early for work on days when I have a stinking hangover.
This is normally from waking up at 5am or some silly o'clock, sitting bolt upright in all my clothes, coat, shoes and make-up and trying to remember what's going on before checking for my keys, phone and wallet, having that wee that probably woke me up, downing a pint of water and relishing the extra sleep yet to be had before the alarm officially goes off. Or at least trying to sleep.

So, without further ado, let's assume you didn't just have two drinks last night
 (it's good to set a limit, sticking to it is another thing)
You're faced with work, you're either at work or dreading it.
What can you do to help yourself out?

Let's assume you didn't drink loads of water before bed: you have to be fairly sober to remember to do that. 10 points to Gryffindor if you did. 

Let's assume you ate LOADS of something when you were drunk. For me, it's cheese - (often raw halloumi - too impatient to cook it) but can be anything and everything that is carby and fatty. Now if you are nodding and thinking about all that toast you ate when you got in, that's a good thing. Your body wanted it and will use that as fuel to get you through the first part of the hangover but you will still need to eat more.

Let me just say one more time that everything is going to be OK.
 I think that's the most important thing and that's probably why you are here and reading this - you need answers, help and reassurance.
We all do it, it's fun.
You will get more money and you can just drink less next time. Ok?

Ok so get yourself up and be sick if you need to be, no point trying to fight it. Drink more water than you think you need, this will kill the headache.

Get yourself one of more of these foods on the way to work; you need to have something:

Eggs- if you have time cook some, cook them in butter or boil them whatever. They contain large amounts of cysteine, which breaks down the toxins making you feel rough.
Avocado - super high in potassium to regulate your electrolytes
Banana - ditto
Coconut water - ditto (I appreciate that some people would rather stay hungover than drink coconut water. I love it, though.)

If you don't have time to cook any eggs and can't buy them pre-cooked (a shit egg sarnie isn't going to help) then you need to buy a packet of chicken or turkey or other form or protein. Your body is craving protein.
If you are reading this on your lunch break go and buy yourself these items. Do not go for carbs, they will make you feel KNACKERED which you already feel, don't you?

If You Feel Sick

Be sick if you can. If you're just dry-wretching (lol) sorry, but you have to laugh at yourself right now. Get some ginger beer or an apple. Both ginger and apple is proven to relieve nausea.

Next what you want to to is face a coffee but not that shit instant coffee because you might as well just drink bath water. It will taste rank and won't work. Get a cup of ground coffee. If your work doesn't have a coffee filter machine then you will have to get one from a coffee shop nearby because caffeine not only wakes you up but it improves your mood! Yay! which is better for everyone isn't it! You Debby Downer you. If you hate coffee, we used to swear by Lucozade to get through our long days looking after International (hyper) kids.

hungover in an office asleep

Try to get some fresh air in your lunch break, this will help. Also if you can sit and shut your eyes for a few minutes on your lunch break that would be good. Better done in private though, don't you think?

Stay Busy

Try to engage with lots of tasks and really focus on them. This will distract you and make you feel better about yourself. Clean your desk out if you've got nothing to do. Cleaning always makes you feel better - it's metaphoric, innit. 

This is what not to do

Paint Over It

Also, girls, make sure you've got your make-up with you. I find that my face deteriorates super fast when I am hungover. More is more on hangover days but FORGET under eye concealer. Just makes everything ten times worse. Distract from your red, sagging droopy tired eyes with a bright lipstick. Sorry boys, I guess all you can do is smile.
Oh and you'll probably be sweating out the booze so it might be worth walking to boots in your lunch break and getting some body spray/freshening up your makeup there. Good excuse to get out. You'll come back a new woman! 
This is how NOT to do your make-up. This is a genuine hungover picture from before I was pro at it in 2013 LOL

If you spill your lunch down yourself because you are a state, just turn your t-shirt around or tactically use sticky tape to place your lanyard over the spill (JOKING)

If all else fails - go get a pint in your lunch break!

What are your hangover tips?
Comment in the box below or hit me up on social media for more fit food and fun

I hope you feel better soon

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  1. an egg nog without any alcohol of course could be a good cure as also Iv heard of a bombay oyster,which consists of one raw egg unbroken,1 tsp worcester sauce,salt and pepper, and 2 dashes of tabasco sauce.Apparantly it slides down throat like an oyster and of course contains cysteine the good anti toxic amino acid..