Prettied-Up Scrambled Eggs With Greens

by - January 01, 2016

Scrambled Egg, Red Cabbage, Spinach, Avocado & Toast

Scrambled eggs are the easiest of all the eggs because they're the only time you actually want the yolk to break. They're kind. The eggs that give back. They don't have to  be boring - pretty them up with some deliciously nutritious vegetables to make it into a powerhouse of a meal...

Red cabbage is gorgeous pickled - it's tangy, sharp taste compliments the creamy avocado and buttery eggs to create a rounded, super-nutritious meal that only takes 10 minutes! It also looks incredibly pretty and will turn whatever it touches blue! 

Sauerkraut contains cancer-fighting properties as well as more beneficial bacteria than live yoghurt so if you have over-indulged on the other stuff (cheese, sugar, booze) which contain the harmful bacteria - this will sort you out. It also aids digestion and is available in jars for around £1 - which last for ages, or you can make it yourself. Check out Octopus Alchemy for more info on that. He's got mad fermenting skills! 

I don't need to teach you how to cook eggs! Again, this is another conceptual idea which is worth having in your arsenal of 'cheap, quick and delicious meals' it's pretty clear from the photo how to make it! 

Prep Time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 5 minutes 

Ingredients - play around with quantities as much as you want

2-3 eggs (your choice)
1-2 pieces of toast (optional - leave it out to stay paleo)
1/2 an avocado
Big spoonful of pickled red cabbage
Handful of spinach leaves
Salted butter

I love to cook scrambled eggs in a tonne of butter! 

Happy New Year 

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