February: A RRROUND UP

by - March 09, 2016

February was a difficult month. Difficult times call for comfort food and a celebration that food can aid you in all contexts. It can act as medicine, mentally and physically. Here's a little round up of the comforting things I chowed down on here at RR. Read on to find some mini reviews of: Wolfies, Forgotten Cuts Supper Club, Curry Leaf Cafe, The Robin Hood and a chance to catch up with any recipes you may have missed from February.


 This is an award-winning classic English chip shop that's just round the corner from my new flat. New flat eh? Oh yeah, I moved and now live in my own flat and it's banging. The kitchen is a galley but the main thing is that it backs onto a garden and there is a gas cooker. Wolfies serves proper good chips which come wrapped up in old school paper, the price is totally reasonable (£3.50 for a cod and chips special and also for the Chilli Sausage and chips as pictured below). They serve gluten-free batter, a range of seafood, including whitebait which is cool, the staff are all really friendly and it just feels good. Check it out near Hove station or click here for a full review from my friend Rosie Posie. 

chilli sausage and chips

Robin Hood Sausage Rolls 

Have you ever been to The Robin Hood? The little pub off of western road close to the Duke of Norfolk? It's cool; they have lots of board games and Leffe on tap. Winning. They also have a cool event once a month where a man plays the piano really well and it's nice to listen to. I think it's the first or last Sunday of the month. Get yourself there with some red wine and order one of their pizzas or bar snacks. They do things like massive sausage rolls like this one and scotch eggs. 

Robin Hood Brighton

Pasta With Butter - Wua hahahaha 

As I've said before here in my Philosophy, there should be no strict rules. Live a little. Yes, eat well 80% of the time but that 20% is reserved for a little something you fancy. 
A little of what you fancy does you good.
 Don't forget to add black pepper!
comfort food

Pancake Day

What did you do for pancake day? We did sweet and savoury and all things gravy. Well almost, considering we had Kerri around and she can't look at a meal without gravy appearing on it! Only joking,Ken. 

We cooked savoury by making the pancake and then when it was seconds away from being cooked, adding grated cheese into the pan to melt it before transferring to a plate and then adding fried chorizo and mushrooms. FIT. 

Tesco do a rather fit chocolate spread which is MILK chocolate and way better than Nutella so we got that everywhere (as pictured) 
NOTHING beats classic lemon and sugar though, does it?!

Curry Leaf Cafe @ Temple Bar 

I've no doubt mentioned this beautiful food before but here we are again! Curry Leaf Cafe are inside the Temple Bar on Western Road, in their own restaurant on Middle Street and now also in a street food stall inside Brighton Station! 
This HENCH naan chicken tandoori wrap with spicy fries is on their lunch time deal that comes with with a bottle of Cobra (cheeky) all for £10, which is pretty good considering that the wrap alone is normally £8.50. You'll see why if you get one, it comes in two huge halves and if, like me, you could only manage one half, they'll happily wrap it up (wrap a wrap lol) for you to take away and enjoy later. It's  got large chunks of chicken much like a shish kebab, spicy yoghurt, cabbage and other salad bits inside floury spiced naan bread. 

curry leaf cafe brighton

I picked up some mixed vegetable parkoras on the way to Lancing recently whilst waiting for my train and even though I was worried only had 5 minutes they were served up quick sharp, hot and crispy with two dips - tamarind sauce and mango chutney. I stunk the train out but it was SO worth it and everyone was just jealous, really. £3.95.
curry leaf cafe

Sons Of Anarchy 

This has been our go-to series since August and we finally finished it! That's 6 months we have known these characters and have invested a total of approximately 1 hour per episode for 92 episodes across seven seasons. 92 hours doesn't sound like a lot really, what's that, nearly 4 days? OK, I guess it would be four days STRAIGHT without sleep but I could think of worse ways to spend it than indulging in a little sex, drugs, rock and roll over in California. It's BRUTAL, OK? It's really not for the faint hearted. Best series ever though, better than Breaking Bad. Emotional when it was over. Very emotional. Marked the end of an era in more ways than one. 

Valentines Day

heinz ketchup
Say it with food :) 

Forgotten Cuts Supper Club

The fantastic Ellie from street food stall, Forgotten Cuts, put on an extremely tantalising menu at her supper club at Tilt cafe, Preston Drove. With a focus on nose to tail eating and a love of pork (high five) she takes items which may seem intimidating, such as trotter, and turns it into the most beautiful tasting delicacy, flipping any preconceptions about the cheapest cuts on it's head and providing an opportunity to relish and appreciate all parts of the animal. 

                                                           supper club menu
This four course menu was accompanied by Brighton Gin, a retro-esque local Gin company celebrating and bottling the very essence of Brighton, which was also delicious. Check them out here http://www.brightongin.com/ - especially as a visitor to Brighton, a bottle of this stuff would make a spot-on souvenir. We do like to party here in Brighton, don't we? ;) 

supper club forgotten cuts

The above was my favourite - the bone marrow on toast topped with parsley. I have never tasted a flavour like it. How to describe? OK, think of the best pork belly you've ever had, now hang onto that flavour, yeah? Now add butter to it, now add crunchy hot granary toast to it. Just heaven. I could eat that everyday. It's a shame marrow isn't more accessible like this. We'll have to track down Ellie and see if she can fix us up some more! 

supper club forgotten cuts
 This was just as fantastic and looked so pretty - the pig cheek and trotters hot rocks. I'd also never had trotters before so I wasn't sure what to expect and after seeing THAT episode of come dine with me (the honey glazed trotters that he got for 30p each and everyone was like ERM) I was a little wary but this was beautiful. Crispy crackling and soft meat underneath dressed in aoli and leaves made this dish an absolute pleasure and with more gin flowing and great conversation it was gone in an instant.

supper club forgotten cuts

 The smoked lentils to add to the beef shin completed it and I could have eaten a whole bowlful of these alone. I was pretty stuffed by the time the shin came around but it was so melt in your mouth good that we wolfed it down. I want to say a big thankyou to my date for the night, Elisa, for her wisdom and the instant rapport - it was the first time we had met but within 10 minutes any small talk was sacked off and we were straight in with the open chats about relationships, family, therapy - the works! I love people like that, who you feel you can talk to about anything. She looks remarkably young for her age as well.
Supper Club at Tilt Cafe Brighton

supper club forgotten cuts

Finishing with the piece de resistance, Ellie told the story of the Aztec's love of chocolate - how they discovered it centuries ago and how it was seen as a 'food for the gods'  They mixed ground cacao seeds with various seasonings to make a spicy, frothy drink which Ellie recreated here and served with two wicked truffles. A healthy dose of  good quality chocolate does wonders for the soul. 

Check Ellie out at Forgotten Cuts on Twitter here for news on supper clubs, street food and pop ups
Click here to visit TABL - the company who organise the best supper clubs across London and Sussex

Recipes from February

So lastly here's a round up of any recipes from February you may have missed! 

paleo primal eye recipe


paleo salad for breakfast

ooh not many last month!

Thanks for reading! How was February for you? What did you cook last month? I'd love to know! Talk to me in the comments below or hit me up on social media or email for anymore info on any thing in this post. 

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