VIDEO: How to use leftover buffalo chicken wings

by - April 17, 2016

So you made Buffalo Chicken Wings. Weren't they amazing?! HELL YES! But you made way too much? Don't throw it away! Read on or watch the video to find out two ways to utilise the leftover food & for the best buffalo wings recipe

Buffalo Chicken Wings & Blue Cheese Dip

If you are a regular reader you will know how much I love my friend Rosie's Buffalo Chicken Wings. I recreated it at home the other day, after writing all about it in the big blog post all about March. Thoughts = Actions and all that. 

If you've ever had hot wings, you'll know how good they are. Ever had them with a blue cheese sauce? Even better. 
Rosie's recipe is extremely simple and just delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I decided that 24 wings would be appropriate for two people. Plus all the blue cheese. Plus all the celery and other veg. Plus beer.  I wanted to enjoy it that much. I wanted to eat it and then eat it again. Yeah, way too much. 


As one of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Ambassadors, it's my pledge to ensure that food waste is reduced, as one of the missions and so here's a video with two ideas as to what to do with any left over chicken wings. 

It helps if you've made this recipe, but it will work if you've got any form of leftover chicken wings - you'll just have to be creative with the sauce, but i'm sure you can do that. 

Buffalo Chicken Salad Two Ways

The above is the first way I used the leftover chicken meat, with the blue cheese dip thrown on top as a kinda Caesar dressing with basic salad bits as pictured below. 

And THIS is the second option, yes I kept the leftover meat in the fridge for two days and added avocado, mixed leaves, charred pepper (done on the naked flame of the hob in 3 minutes - always attended) and extra hot sauce for good spicy measure. It was FIT. 

There are plenty of ways to use leftover meat so I hope you can take some inspiration from this and apply it to any times when you've got too much meat, it doesn't always have to be buffalo flavoured! That was just what was going on here! But I must reinstate, the buffalo wings recipe is seriously good and now I can just encourage you to make loads of it!


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