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WHOOOOOOOOOP MAY is here! That means Birthday month! Yay! Here's what went on in April - including: Street Diner, Busaba London, Foraging, Vlogging, Food Festivals, A Disgusting Pork Sword, Freezing Haribo and More! 

WHOOOOOO I was invited to my first BBQ of the year (pictured above) which was delicious and has kicked off the season nicely with a big old sausage and some fit grass-fed beef burgers. I am taking a week off over my birthday at the end of May so you can look forward to seeing lots of BBQ fun all over Instagram and Facebook! 

Street Diner
Street diner in Brighton is always fit and nearly always mentioned on these round up posts now! Always. I just love taking people there. This time I ate Vietnamese from Caphe Republic - lemongrass chicken, crunchy salad, peanuts, spicy lemon grass hot sauce too and vermicelli noodles and they even did me a more salady option with less of the noodles. Great. 

Next time I'm getting this because it's so cool - it's Japanese but not as you would think. It's kinda like an omelette...but made from vegetables...but Japanese. Yes. My students always go for this.

And HoneyComb Cakes wins again with a peanut butter brownie...

Busaba London
This was the second time I've been here, both times with a different gay boy, how funny. Both times LUSH. Go there if you can it's in SOHO. I like to pronounce it 'BUSSABAR' - in the same style as 'LUKATAR' from that Jeremy Kyle YouTube video - if you've not seen it search it on YouTube now.


Went foraging for wild garlic in a beautiful fairy wonderland in the depths of Sussex, didn't I. It was a well fit area. You probably saw the vlog (click here to watch it and please subscribe if you like it) - it STINKS! But it's super delicious and can be put in everything. I made loads of recipes, check them out below...

Freezing Haribo
Made some rocky road with my cool-as-hell first cousin once removed, Jaime, 8. She had a chocolate project for homework so I suggested we whipped up a batch of insanely sugary rocky road. Her choice of ingredients included sour dummies, jelly lips and teeth and other gummy things as well as the chocolate bars we put it in. She classed it as 'healthy' because it had strawberries in. I'll take that. Note - Freezing haribo breaks your teeth!

The Disgusting Pork Sword
This hideous flesh stick was found at an oriental supermarket in Brighton on Preston Street and looked intriguing and although it was reminiscent of a DOG SNACK or a smoked cheese thing and we always knew it wouldn't exactly be a 21 day aged smoked chorizo from Southern Spain, it could have been alright. Anyway it was UNBELIEVABLY BOGGING. A pale pink anaemic weiner that upon release from it's plastic shell released an odour so offensive that I'm surprised we even bit into it. Upon touching the teeth it simply crumbled into the mouth leaving flecks of pink in every corner and the taste IMPOSSIBLE TO CONCEIVE. It didn't even get a second chew. Just spat straight out and rubbed my tongue on the nearest LAMP POST to get the taste off and the rest got instantly binned. RANK. 

Shopping at Aldi
Money's tight now I rent my own flat to myself - My rent's basically doubled! And it's good having Aldi fairly close because you can get LOADS for your money. This lot cost me £21. Yes two blocks of butter is necessary. I need some to bite when I get in drunk. Joking. JOKING!


I love these guys. They are SO kind and funny and always uplift me. I really am so lucky to get to know so many people from all over the world and I just wanted to share that appreciation with you and say BIGUP to this lot. We ate here at Rotana in Brighton and I learnt how to eat with my right hand only - squeezing the food into a little ball!

We also had an International food party at school recently and they supplied THIS feast!

As usual, I'll leave you with a recap of the recipes From April! Enjoy! What did YOU Get up to last month? Talk to me in the comments below or hit me up on social media using the icons at the top! 




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