Wild Garlic Pesto

by - April 30, 2016

The Second In the Wild Garlic Series - Easy Pesto Made With Walnuts & Parmesan

This jar of emerald green oily paste is SO BUFF and really versatile. So far I've had it on courgetti (obvs), on a pizza base [Click here to read Artichoke, Pine Nut, Tomato, Mozzarella & Parma Ham Pizza With Wild Garlic Pesto] and smeared it on toast, inside chicken and eaten it straight off the spoon.

All you need is a blender. Actually all you really need is something with a spinny blade - for example I just used an Active Blend/Nutribullet type thing! Make sure you give it a good clean so your next smoothie will not smell like garlic - that would be a delightfully stinky way to start the day...haha

You need: Walnuts (or pine nuts), Parmesan, Wild Garlic Leaves and Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
That's it.

I tried to follow a recipe but didn't have enough walnuts and so just winged it and it worked. It's all about making it more how YOU like it anyway, isn't it? If you want it super cheesy, add loads of cheese. You can always add more oil if it's too dry so go that's the one thing to go easy on in the beginning because, you cannot as my nephew, Jago, would say when looking at his beans on toast, "Make it dry". He's three.

So get a load of wild garlic leaves only and wash them. This picture is me trying to weigh them in an attempt to follow the recipe. That's a shallow bowl. I ripped them up roughly and then stuffed them into the blender with most of a small bag of walnuts which I toasted in the oven for a bit first to enhance their flavour.

Here's a good way to see the ratios of the three main ingredients. Whizz it. Taste it. Add more oil if you need to. 

Put it on things!


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