Garlic Butter Prawns, Mushroom, and Chorizo Salad

by - May 05, 2016

Garlicky butter prawns and mushrooms accompany spicy chorizo, sweet beetroot, and peppery rocket leaves dressed in olive oil and lemon

It’s nearly summer! Well it’s definitely nearly spring, at least! We can start enjoying longer, brighter days and shed that winter coat which seems to have grown onto our skin (Just me? OK then…). The body naturally craves lighter meals in the summer (click here to read about why we should eat through the seasons) and salads provide the best of both worlds – vegetable-heavy but peppered with tasty meaty bits for sustenance.

Embrace garlic. It really isn’t that offensive to eat it regularly. I don’t understand when people say ‘Oh no, I can’t eat garlic, I’m going out!’ I love garlic so much that if you smelt like garlic I’d be MORE interested in seeing you! You really can’t beat French-style garlic butter prawns…or anything garlic-buttered, actually. In this recipe, garlic mushrooms cook in the same pan as the garlic prawns to save on pots and washing up and results in more depth of flavour to transform what is otherwise a simple bowl of leaves. Salad still gets too much of a bad rap as not being filling but of course it won’t be if it’s just iceberg and a few anaemic-looking tomatoes and cucumber pieces! Add something with welly. Add two things with welly even!
Bang some spicy flash-fried chorizo on top for a salty kick, some sweet baby beetroots around the sides, and drizzle over some lemony olive oil to sink to the bottom and you’ve got yourself a well-rounded bowl with lip-smacking flavours around every corner....

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