REVIEW: Wild Food Cafe London

by - August 29, 2016

Convent Garden, London. Upstairs. Next to a massage shop that smells strongly of essential oils lies this vegan cafe that is instagram-famous for it's beautiful plates. Liam and I went to investigate...

Please excuse the quality of the photographs in this review, I didn't have my darling camera only the android. 

Even though the sign looks like some world music event poster, we managed to find it and climbed the stairs in order to seek the picturesque food we had been pouring over for weeks online. We arrived around 6pm and were greeted instantly and seated on one of their long benches. It was busy and so it should be for central London at peak time. 

The whole place has a very hippy feel to it - it's relaxed. It's bright, airy and the kitchen is open so you can stay entertained watching the chefs going about the magic. We were prompty served and told that three things were actually unavailable as they'd run out - that was the organic beer, the kombucha and the banana bread. No problem, we're chill. 

Although all the things on the menu sounded interesting, I was shocked by how expensive it was. For London it's expected to be pricey, yes we know that, but I just wasn't expecting to pay £14 for a salad. 

Having said that, the 'Ayurverdic Super Salad' was SO BEAUTIFUL that it was worth every penny. The presentation, the colours, the taste and the amount of food was all great. 

The Raw Lemon Cheesecake was probably the best part of the meal. JUST SO BUFF. 

Liam had what he called "A glass of shit" because we were making many jokes about what state the toilets might be in after everyone had consumed such high amounts of fibre but it was in fact, 'The Forgotten Ecstasy' - raw cacao powder, cacao butter, coconut milk, dates, he-shou-wou extract, maca and algarobba, coconut cream and maple syrup. He shou what? He described it as 'sweet but not sickly, nice chocolate flavour but wouldn't ease your sweet tooth cravings if you had them...very filling though and so not thirst quenching' and he'd have it again.

Liam's "Wild Spring Burger" went down well with him even though you could tell he we was clucking for some dough balls from Pizza Express round the corner. 

So all in all it was lovely. The food was amazing and the concept is something that we need more of: beautiful food that is easily accessible but I'd like to see less buzzwords on the menu that are only legible to the real super food elite and a slight reduction in the prices so that we can enjoy more of this type of food and also to help reduce the stigma so often associated with vegan food of it being pretentious.

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