Cauliflower Crust Pizza

by - August 23, 2016

Slices of cauliflower crust pizza
Have you tried eating or making cauliflower pizza yet? Give it a go, it's high protein, low carb & high fibre - Win!

Ahh the cauliflower. It was despised for a while wasn't it? Or drowned in cheesey sauce a la school dinners. It's a versatile little cheekster though, hiding amongst those green leaves - who knew she could be a pizza?! 

I've heard people are doing it with broccoli now! Cool! It's great how this seems to be the year of vegetables taking over carbs and grains - from the spiralized veg in the shops to the blitzed 'Beetroot rice' etc. It's  leading us closer and closer to the food revolution where healthy food will be cheap and accessible to everyone, globally.

Making a cauli pizza is a lot more technical than other recipes you find here on RR. It actually requires a few steps.

Luckily the good people at BBC Good Food have already tried and tested a recipe, so I just used theirs [Which you can find by clicking here] I like their recipe because they don't use cheese in the base. If you want cheese in it you can put it on the top, innit!

So all you really need to do is decide what you are going to put on it. 

I used griddled asparagus as they are in season, spicy chorizo (have to keep my chorizo intake up somehow) mozzarella (classic pizza cheese ahoy) and red onion. I also used SUNDRIED tomato paste which was a big no no no noooo because it was SO SALTY that I felt like I had drank the sea and it kinda ruined it. No, not everything you see here works. In fact some things are actually disgusting. Like that cauliflower rice raw egg breakfast thing I made [click here for that]. I will tell you though.

Base in your face, London! (Who remembers that song?)

I LOVE how this base is just eggs, almonds, cauliflower and oregano. So innocent and cute :) 

I baked mine until it was this golden and I could have probably made it thinner. You could also make lots of little pizzas for kids! 

Whats your favourite pizza topping? Have you made a cauliflower pizza yet? Or a broccoli one? 
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