5 Ways To Use Pesto (Aside from pasta)

by - August 21, 2016

Pesto is too tasty to only have on pasta. Also if you don't eat pasta for whatever reason, here are some other ways in which it makes any meal extra sexy...

1. Dollop in your lunch box as you would humous or taramasalata.

2. Smear on the base of a pizza, as you would tomato puree

3. Swirl it into mash - (Try sweet potato, root veg or normal potato)
(Spicy pesto goes so well with sour cream)

4. Use it on a salad to dress up your leaves if you're bored of dressings. Also if you're making your lunch the night before you can put the pesto on and won't have to worry it's made your leaves soggy the next day, like dressing does!

5. Dressing your veggie noodles of course! The pasta substitute! Just double the nutrients and half the bulk! 

What do you do with pesto? Do you like it on toast? 

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