Eating Out June & July - A RR-Round up

by - August 02, 2016

Here is a collection of mini reviews of some of the fit places I've eaten at so far this summer...

The Shepherd & Dog, Fulking

Situated in rural Sussex, this little gem is really only accessible with a car and the drive through the winding country lanes alongside the stunning views over Devil's Dyke makes going out to it even more enjoyable. 
There's a very pretty garden as well as seating by a natural stream where you can play around on the stones trying not to fall in. The beer selection is good and the food is exquisite. 

Whitebait with aioli £6

The 'Swine' 

The 'Fish'
The Route

Krua-Anne, Brighton
Cheap and cheerful bring your own booze Thai restaurant on Kensington Gardens opposite The White Rabbit. Good food, friendly waitress, food came out quickly but not too quickly and it's reasonable. Jokes wall art, too. A reliable option that faired well considering both the wonderful E-kagen and Milk No Sugar were closed (both hard acts to follow)

Spicy Shrimp Salad

Coconut Chicken Soup

Campbell's Canal Cafe, Camden, London
An alternative find in an alternative place. If you don't want to be badgered in the market by shouty stall-holders forcing meaty samples into your face, turn around and walk back towards the tube station and you'll find this little peaceful vegan place which boasts organic everything and lots of desserts. The snacks and drinks are particularly interesting and my beloved courghetti was found on the menu dressed in pesto and with sun dried tomatoes. Ten points if you can guess what the yellow stuff around the edge of the plate is? Hit me in the comments below...

#foodporn in the truest sense of the hashtag. Just look at that crackling?! You can almost feel it snapping saltily under your teeth. Need I say more. It's big, its a sharer so it must be big, but it's a BIG sharer. It's beautifully presented, the service is seamless, they have BEDLAM BREWERY PILSNER on tap [click here to read about my adventure at the brewery] and for a Sunday it was not as packed as a pub would be. Nor as loud. And there were cute dogs to look at. And the butternut squash puree was the best colour. 

A solid favourite pub in Brighton not only for it's cool interiors and wide selection of craft beers (Yes Camden Wit) but the delightful Indian street food that you can get. I've mentioned these guys a few times now on RR and they never fail. Still haven't been to the actual restaurant where there's a more extensive menu...note to self.

Chilli Chicken 

Another banging roast (yes always pork belly) with a load of different veg and Leffe on tap = heaven. 

Pho doesn't change it's menu often. It doesn't need to. It's always busy. Service is always good. Atmosphere is always welcoming, friendly, dimly lit, food served quickly. And THAT morning glory. That morning glory is a reason to celebrate vegetables. I don't care if you don't like sprouts. Get on the table with me and dance for the greens.

A rare steak salad. With avocado. Win. Asked for rare steak got rare steak, double win. Well you'd expect that wouldn't you, but you'd be surprised. The mustard was my doing it didn't come like that! Good to see options like this in pubs even if an alcoholic at the bar kept trying to get me to take a selfie with him. 

Just beautiful. A beautiful birthday treat. Proper melt in the mouth stuff. Go here if you haven't already. Save up and go. Also they let you bring your own wine on a Monday for £5 corkage fee. Saves you a lot off the bill. 

If you find yourself in the Leicester Square/Soho area after a bit of grub but faced with the endless establishments all offering numerous possibilities, sit yourself down in Little Korea (just down from Burger and Lobster, when it's open) and eat some bibimbap. I was lucky enough to go with two Koreans (as well as two Kuwaitis who were equally as excited) who just bulk ordered for the table so we knew we were getting the best taste of Korea. Unfortunately apart from the bibimbap I can't tell you what the others were. I had stir fried pork with kimchi which was amazing, though. 

Hidden upstairs above their slightly bare and middle-class homeware-and-a-few-bits-of-clothing shop, is this bright and airy cafe serving delicious breakfasts and brunches with stunning waitresses! If you can get a seat (there are only a few) I highly reccommend the "Heuvos Flamenco" as pictured. They took a long time to make but were very worth it. Baked eggs with chorizo, bacon, red peppers, tomato sauce, two eggs, grated cheese, tobasco, bread and butter! YES! 

Where have YOU eaten at recently? Talk to me on the comments below or hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube for more fit food and fun!

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