Sweet Potato Toast!

by - August 20, 2016

Sweet Potato, The King of vegetables, strikes again by turning itself into toast! Perfect if you don't eat bread, have run out or just fancy a fun, novel change! Top it with sweet or savoury stuff!

Get a sweet potato. Slice it pretty thinly lengthways. This is the most difficult part depending on how oddly shaped your sweet P is so if you can, get some big oval regular shaped ones first. 

Bang your slices in the toaster. Two at a time baby, yeah! If you can fit them in...

Depending on how BOOMBASTIC your toaster is, you may need to toast them two or three times but I found out today that you CAN eat sweet potato raw, so if you want them a little chewy - it won't kill you. Meanwhile, get your topping(s) ready. 

When they pop up, butter if you want and then add your fun stuff!

I went for mashed avocado, scrambled egg, smoked salmon with dill and banana, cinnamon & honey. What would you go for? 

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