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by - September 15, 2016

Federal cafe barcelona

After visiting twice in 2011 and again in 2012 - I had been desperate to go back to this beautiful cafe in Barcelona to enjoy some more of their delightful creations. This is what I found in 2016...

My friend, Kerri (AKA Ken, Kensington, Kensington Gardens, Kendrick Lamar, Kenya, Table Tennis Dennis, Barlow, Kenneth, Kerrence etc.) has been living in Barcelona for the last six months and asked me to bring over some sorely missed British foodstuffs as she's clucking for a bit of gravy. So this was the suitcase I packed for her:

British food abroad
Everyone loves a hula hoop

Unfortunately the beans and Ribena got taken off me at customs but you gotta try, haven't you?

flight to Barcelona

crazy eyes

As it was my first holiday since Poland 2014, I couldn't WAIT to get on the train to Gatwick and to milk every minute of holiday indulgence, I enjoyed two cheeky cervezas by Lazy Lizard on the way to the airport. They are an independent brewery local to Brighton who I'll talk about more in a later post, so stay tuned for that. 

I knew way before I arrived that I wanted to go to Federal. I've been there before. Three times before. Twice in 2011 for breakfast and brunch and once again in 2012 for breakfast. That says a lot already, doesn't it? It's quietly situated on a corner in Sant Antoni with open window seats that allow you to straddle them for maximum coolness in both senses of the word...

I stumbled upon it in 2011 as we were renting an apartment just around the corner and so it became an oasis of health contrasting with the bocadillo-heavy cafes and shops everywhere else. We must have visited at least twice on our first trip in 2011 but I only snapped three of the meals then and apologies for the photos but these are from a camera phone years ago!

2011: An open sandwich of smoked trout, watercress and beetroot puree 

Baked eggs

Halloumi and parma ham salad with strawberries

 It was moorish and memorable then. This time, we sat upstairs on the roof terrace next to their wonderful green lime tree - I was hoping it would still be there, it's a beautiful adornment in a big sunny yellow space that flourishes in Spain's climate and feels  exotic - how you want to feel on holiday, isn't it? 

Federal Cafe Barcelona

Federal Cafe Barcelona

The place is always busy and we were lucky to get a table in the shade as it was SCORCHIO even at 10am. 

From the vast menu, we ordered the breakfast burger and the avocado and macadamia on rye toast with lime, a poached egg and the green juice and a coffee.

Barcelona Federal Cafe

We had to wait a while to get our order taken, a while again for drinks and then a while again for food but to be fair it was busy and it's Spain, there's not so much urgency as England. Ken and I had plenty to catch up to fill the time anyway. When it arrived my egg was missing! Oh no! I told the waiter and he quickly brought me another one, on it's own on a plate, which was cute. He was forgiven because he was really fit apologetic.

Federal Cafe Barcelona

Kerri LOVED her burger which was the definition of #yolkporn and gobbled it down in an instance, super excited to have been shown this place. She said she'll be coming back as it's only a short walk from the Gothic quarter and main strip where she lives.

Federal Cafe Barcelona

Federal Cafe Barcelona

Federal Cafe Barcelona

We paid and although we didn't really understand the figures on the bill as they were slightly different to the figures on the menu (perhaps service charge percentage?) it was, all in all, very reasonable for the high quality, innovative food and comfortable environment to have breakfast. 

Federal Cafe Barcelona

Federal Cafe Barcelona

Other benefits? 

There's a gorgeous cake selection and the staff are friendly and beautiful. The menu changes from breakfast to lunch to dinner throughout the day and they're open as late as 1am on Friday and Saturday. They serve alcohol too. I needed a green juice this time round though, and yes that was lush as well. I'll defo be going back next time I'm in Barcelona - in the evening to see what divine night time treats await me... 
Federal Cafe Barcelona

Have you been to Barcelona? If you know someone going soon send them this link, they'll no doubt love it! 

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