No-rice salmon sushi rolls

by - November 10, 2014

Tasty, light, fresh and raw

We all know that refined white rice is the devil right? well if you don't, here's Graham with a quick reminder: A) it's a carb, meaning that if you don't do LOADS of excersise you will simply convert it into glucose and store it as fat. Want that? didn't think so. B) Brown rice, due to its low GI rate, releases energy a lot slower, so if you are eating carbs (Brown basmati rice is BUFF) and you have the means to burn them off, your body will use it over a longer period of time and you won't feel hungry so quickly.

In San Diego there is a place called  Ralph's which is a supermarket with amazing food readily available at buffet style counters: extensive salad bars, deli counters, hot mains, and a sushi counter. This sushi from Ralph's, Pacific roll, is the inspiration for this recipe and has fuelled a passion to promote and create a bigger demand for more no-rice sushi.

It works better if you use the spring roll wraps (rice) but seaweed tastes better. Oh and here are the benefits:

Salmon is the KING OF ALL PROTEIN, if you ask me. It's packed with omega-3 and vitamin E, is great for beating cellulite and most importantly is the best tasting meat in the world. Salmon sashimi (raw salmon) with wasabe is unmatched bliss. Absolutely nothing can match that. If you don't like it and you haven't even tried it because you don't like the idea of raw fish you are missing out on SO MUCH! come onnnnnn just try it! If you are a beginner with sushi and don't want to go straight for the glistening pink thick slices of raw meat on a plate, you can try it in sushi rolls - which is where most sushi beginners start. Please, for the love of food and Japanese cuisine, do not EVER buy pre-packed sushi from tesco or sainsbury or somewhere like that - you know those little over priced packs which are tiny and mostly grey rice wrapped around an effing piece of tinned tuna or a crab stick and think you have tried sushi. Of course the best place to try it is in a Japanese restaurant but if you are on the run go to Waitrose, Itsu, Wasabe or The Japan Centre, which are in most major cities and try it properly before you  make up your mind. Want to make some at home? It's fun and easy and surprisingly cheap.

As always, get the crew together.
The seaweed is sushinori sheets, unroasted, and you can find these in most large supermarkets and all oriental supermarkets - these were £1.50 and you get ten sheets. Win. Get salmon from the fish counter, no messing around with less-than-fresh fish if you're eating it raw.

Sharpen your knives. Chop up your cucumber and carrots into very thin strips. Wash yo lil gem. de-skin your salmon (add a bit of salt to the skin and grill it on a high heat for 5 minutes to eat while you're waiting!) and chop him up into thin strips.

If you don't have a bamboo sushi mat, it's fine. You can use a tea towel that you have moist by looking at it in a certain way. Pop a sheet onto the tea towel and then pile everything on top like this. As I said previously, I'm a fan of things bursting with filling and these are no exception. Harder to roll yes but so much better!

So Pretty!

Roll it up using the tea towel to help and tuck the end in. It should stick because the tea towel is moist and therefore the seaweed will be moist because they fancy each other. If not you can use little dabs of wasabe along one edge to help seal it.

Once rolled, get your SHARP knife and cut her up into little bite size (actually massive bites) pieces. Get your wasabe.

Wasabe is detoxifying, anti-bacterial, rich in vitamin C, aids digestion and stimulates the appetite. If also hosts the craziest party in your nose - so be ready for the hit!

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