Real Meal Deals

by - January 23, 2015

FINALLY! Convenience food that is actually healthy! Here's a look at some exciting new food on the shelves of supermarkets grab-and-go sections, aimed your lunch breaks.

Scene 1: Lunch break from work. Previously, it went a little something like this:

*Enter supermarket*
hmmm what shall I have today?
Ok in the sandwich selection we have a nice array of dead wheaty bread containing fillings such as:

  • "Ploughmans suicide" 
  • "beaten-up about life egg"
  • "all day (in hell) breakfast" 
  • "ham and must....make better food choices next time this was a waste of £3"

Ok maybe I'll get a salad...

  • Tuna PASTA (wheat & carbs) 'salad' covered in mayo
  • PASTA (wheat & carbs)with cheese and sugary tomato sauce with no veg except sweetcorn or some other joke. 
  • Chicken with some fruity cous cous (wheat) and two leaves of spinach.
  • Some grey looking other meat with some noodles this time (wheat) and a sugary sweet chilli sauce.
wheat wheat wheat what?! why?! (full post on gluten and carbs to follow)

Soup....? hmm this one contains ham, that will be a good source of protein. Eats soup to find a shard of ham. Gets hungry ten minutes later. 

It is incredible how all this shit gets approved and it pisses me off. It's hard enough for people to decide they want to change their way of eating, without all the battles they then face, their friends saying "oh come on, have some pizza!" their pissed-selves saying "fuck it, i'm having some chips" The freezing-in-the-British-winter version of them saying "I need to have a pie to warm up" without the supermarkets saying, "Only got an hours lunch break? haven't made anything at home because you were out having a laugh? here, choose from one of our shit options! Choice? What choice?

However! there is LIGHT SHINING IN!

Boots get the thumbs up! today I found this:

lovely rainbow salad

all good :)
...and in the Co-op the other day I found a whole load of new friends. Look at this set of beauties, they're all either carb-free or contain good carbs (brown rice, pearl barley etc) have a good amount of protein, dressings made with rapeseed oil and plenty of colour and variety but for the same low meal deal price:

Win win win win winning at life. You are bound to not be too far from a Co-op or a Boots so get involved with the good life and maybe we can help to change what 'standard' lunch options are so we can all find it easier to be healthy and sexy. Waitrose, it goes without saying that you smash it on a daily basis but sorry Tesco and Sainsbury, you're just so far behind.

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