Food Revolution Day 2015!

by - May 28, 2015

A write-up of Food Revolution Day 2015! live cooking demonstration with International students making Raw 'Slaw

Revolution Day 2015 was the first event I have run since assuming the role of Food Revolution Ambassador. Having only a week to prepare left little time to make it as big as I would have liked, however it was probably better as a smaller event as a starting point anyway :)

I showed them Jamie's sign-it and share-it petition video and explained the cause, which was met with a positive response with all of them agreeing the importance of food education and awareness - It's extremely hopeful and satisfying talking to an International audience: I had people from Korea, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Spain and Switzerland who will, no matter what their level of English is like, take home a better understanding of the importance of healthy eating and be able to communicate it through the universal language of food and go on to spread it among their communities and networks worldwide. Result!

As a primarily paleo eater and with one of my students having a gluten intolerance, I opted out of the squash-it sandwich recipe which most of the primary schools involved globally were making. It's a cute recipe and it's fun and engaging for children (check it out here)  I had 9 (adult) students sign up to my activity, held at my school, The English Language Centre, using a recipe from here - Raw 'Slaw which, as we don't have any hot plates (yet) at my school, was ideal as it's just grating and slicing.

Here are some photos of the event:

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