Munching through May: A RRRound-Up

by - June 02, 2015

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My first monthly round up of what foodie stuff has been going on with RR and what's to come!

So this is the start of a monthly round-up of all things food, drink and misc - a chance for you (the reader) to get to know me a little better (hi) and to share more of what's going on inside RR.

I had a birthday which was probably the best birthday I've ever had out of all 26 of them. I woke up to a champagne breakfast from my housemates and boyfriend: Hannah cooked a hash with avocado, chorizo, eggs - ahh it was buuuuff.

Mrs. Crimble is hell-bent on turning me into a size 20 with these effing sexy macaroons. I was a macaroon virgin until about 3 months ago when my friend Lauren offered me one, telling me it was gluten free (they are) and I was starving. That combination resulted in it being an absolute HIT and I instantly melted onto the floor in a pile of joy. Since then I've been bought about 4 packets. I'm going to find you, Crimble.

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Mrs Crimble--------->

Then I went on a mackerel fishing trip in the hope of catching it, killing and eating it - on a beach BBQ. However I jumped the gun by about a month and only caught a gurnard - THROUGH IT'S EYE, which the fishermen threw back into the water (too small to eat - apparently) so it could bob about directly under our rods reminding us that we had wasted it. Ah well. Then I came home and had a delicious amazing garden bbq full of friends old and new and Rosie bought over her famous spicy chicken wings which went down a treat. The rest of the night involved plenty of drinks and debauchery and new jokes, ready?

Who is the coolest guy at the hospital?  - The Ultrasound Guy!
Who's the coolest when he's away? - The Hip Replacement Guy!

I made some cool things for my housemates birthday and also some cool things for my brother's birthday which looked like this, made from just peanut butter, coconut oil, melted chocolate, honey and banana. See the full blog post here.

I also held my first food revolution ambassador event! for becoming a Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Ambassador

I also got invited to my first launch; a really exciting innovative new restaurant in the North Laine - called 'Kooks' which serves fun breakfasts which come with optional shots of whiskey and gin, a great range of late bites and dinners with healthy options, a range of sick interiors designed by a great artist and accompanied by a selection of fine beats and the perfect range of wine designed by none other than the bespoke company Enotria - we're talking white wines with half a fizz and nicer than nice wines by the glass not just by the bottle. 

It's exciting, I'm due to go back - have been asked to review, so that will be fun! 

Oh yes - I have been enjoying a cafe called ninety 7 on Blatchington Road, which is an Iranian cafe. Much to my friend's disapproval - who thinks it looks rubbish, the boy and I highly enjoyed it. For £5 each, it's a winner IMO. 

HAHA oh yeah, I asked one of my lovely students to get me a Milky Way and he came back with this amount of chocolate! 

I made an updated version of my carb-free Italian mozerella and meatball bake: this time with courgettes, peppers as well as aubergine and tomates for my best friend Will's visit to Brighton. He had a stinking cold and needing nourishing. Very hearty and herby and lovely. Click here for the original recipe!

We tried to make Thai sausages because it's been a favourite of mine since I tried one from the food festival about 2 years ago with Rosie. They were packed with kefir lime, lemongrass, chili and all the rest of the Thai party. They weren't the same when we made them! :(

 I went to the foodies festival at the beginning of the month which was fun - won a Chang bag and enjoyed plenty of meals although I was a little outraged at the cost of an absolutely PONY dish which was just a prawn, an asparagus, samphire, salsa (really inconsistent, yeah) and a couple of fried pepper slices. £9.  Also ate some chicken that was raw YOLO but took it back and they sorted us out some free wings. Not REALLY a consolation but cant say no to a free bit of meat eh. 

But mostly I would have to say my favourite achievements have been being selected to write for the UK's first online paleo magazine, Primal Eye to write nutrition and recipe articles. 

It launched today, the first of June and my two first articles are out on it "Plenty of reasons to eat through the seasons" and "Sweet potato nachos with guacamole, salsa and seared steak" have a look! there's loads of good articles about nutrition, fitness, health, wellbeing, lifestyle, food and more.

PEACE! here's to a great June! 

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