Short Hot Flush Film Festival

by - November 03, 2015

Iain (Seven Bees Cafe) and I were very excited when we were invited to do the food for the first ever Short Hot Flush Film Festival: A mini festival celebrating women over 50 in front of and behind the camera. We rose to the challenge and whipped up some bespoke snacks to feed the hungry critics...


Toasted sour dough, green pesto, a little tomato puree, artichoke hearts and parma ham

We kicked off the midday food with plates of bruschetta! Easy finger food that is just enough to count as brunch, with room for more if you please, and pairs fantastically with copious amounts of Prosecco!

The other bruschettas we made were a simple chopped vine tomato and torn basil (v) and ricotta, black olives, tomato puree and capers. No photos of those sorry! 


What independent film festival would be complete without gourmet popcorn?

We played around with some ideas, experimenting with oils, butters, infusions and fat until we settled on a few delightful, different combinations to tempt the guests. The winners were;

Lemon & Black Pepper
Pork Scratching (hell yes)
Popping Candy (so fun!)

They looked so cute in their little pink and white striped paper bags! 


Cupcakes came in the form of: 

Fresh butter cream flavoured with raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants
Dark chocolate creamy ganache infused with orange zest
The naughtiest salted caramel frosting with Snickers slices 
and Toffee popcorn stuck together with toffee sauce 
Summer Fruits & Chocolate Orange

Summer fruits

Popcorn with toffee sauce

Salted Caramel & Snickers

Want one?
The chocolate orange ganache was so moreish I was eating the surplus of it off a spoon from the fridge for days after :)
We also served warm chocolate brownies with Cornish clotted cream... mmm


food blackboard menu
The Lunch Menu 

 Our task was to feed 60 hungry viewers lunch within 35 minutes so we produced three options:

Pumpkin & Chickpea Stew flavoured with coriander, chili and full of vegetables: multi-coloured peppers, pumpkin, onions and tomato and more.

Spicy toasted pumpkin seeds to top the pumpkin stew

Chicken & Coconut Curry 
This contained red cabbage which turned the whole thing purple as the flavour infused overnight which was very halloween-y. Purple food is interesting to say the least but the taste was gorgeous and we received many compliments about this. Use the recipe below if you want to recreate what we made, minus the chorizo. Lots of lemon is the secret. 

Click here for the recipe for the chicken, chorizo & coconut curry

Classic Chilli Con Carne - Iain's chili went down a treat with its overnight-spiced meat and good amount of heat (check out those rhymes!) 

We served all three options with: 

Quinoa, rice & green lentil mix dressed and lightly seasoned
 Courgette, mint and lime salad 
Tomato Salad
+ a huge pile of rocket leaves

I wish I had more photos of the food but feeding our guests was our priority while the food was fresh and hot! 

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