September: A RRROUND-UP

by - October 04, 2015

September was fun! here's a little round up of what's been going on at Raw Rhubarb both culinary and not...

My travel buddy and general life partner in crime, Kerri, moved in!

 We lived together at a language school for 11 months whilst working together and then went on a jaunt around North and South America (which was incredible) and then she was off again to Australia so it's good to have her back, grounded and securely housed. 
here's the girl herself on her birthday enjoying an ice cream from Morrocco's in Hove

Stix got 'merked'

OK I thought i'd include this as it is kiiinda food related. So this is another housemate who got absolutely owned during Kerri's birthday party at the start of the month. He fell asleep on the sofa, as he quite often does, with music blaring and people dancing around him and subsequently got covered in food. Here we see a lovely array of salad cream, amaretti biscuits and icing. 

Minted Yoghurt

 Here's a cheeky packed lunch idea that you may have seen on my instagram - grilled chicken breast with raw vegetables covered in natural yoghurt with mint. I'm always trying to think of alternatives to sandwiches and sometimes you can get stuck in a salad rut (first world problems)...but by sprucing up the dressings as well as the ingredients (think seasonal) you get fun lunchboxes. Add a massive bunch of mint to a blender with your yoghurt and hey presto you have a salad dressing... or a curry accompaniment or a dip! 

 I dyed my hair darker to accommodate the end of summer and get a little fresher. Hi there!

Free From Magazine featured a RR recipe in their latest issue!

 September/October! This is big news! super excited to see RR in print! here's to more of that! You can see the recipe by clicking here AHHH!

Indoor Sports Servies have started featuring RR on their social media sites!

 They are primarily a sports equipment vendor, namely rowing machines, with additional focus on paleo eating, nutrition, weight loss, fitness training programmes, racing events and much more. You can see their website for more information by clicking here . Thanks guys!

We went foraging for apples!

Found a beautiful old orchard at the back of Stamner park during my week off. Luckily The Boy is tall and skilled at throwing apples and managed to bump the best ones off the tree by launching the smaller, rotten ones at them until they fell. 
Standing under the trees reminded me of the songs we used to sing/clap to in school. Who remembers this?:

Under the apple tree my boyfriend said to me
Hug me, kiss me, tell me that you love me 
1 2 3

And as you do the 'One, Two, Three' bit you have to jump your legs wider on the ground.
Remember it?! also 'My boyfriend bought me an apple, my boyfriend bought me a pear...'

haha anyway I created the following three recipes with the bounty: (click on each title to go to the recipe page) 

I spent the £50 Asda Voucher I won (cool story bro)

 Here's a little sneaky look into my shopping trolley! ooh! this lot only cost about £35 which is bargainous (new word for ya) still haven't even touched the rice. Don't really know why I bought it. Those quinoa packs are so versatile: I mostly use them cold in a salad or lunchbox. 

I got a plant for my new room!

 Here's The Boy carrying it. I've named it Benny. It purifies the air and is so independent all it needs is a single drop of water once a year. I <3 plants. 

Action for Happiness @ Milk No Sugar

I got asked to be a plus one to my friend Lauren at an event by Action For Happiness, a group who've grown to over 168 countries & have almost 60,000 members who organise group events, meet ups and coaching to  help each other find happiness. It was very inspiring and a very different evening hearing and mixing with different  people's stories. 'Happiness starts at the end of your comfort zone' was a quote that stuck with me. The event was held at Vietnamese restaurant, 'Milk No Sugar' on Trafalgar street and the food was amazing value at £4.50 for a bowl of beef pho - I highly recommend you try it out. I've been back since and the quality was consistent (pho both times because it was so good the first time!)

On a Vietnamese ting, here's a 'Namese inspired salad: 
Vietnamese Inspired Super Simple Salad

My long term friend, Will, came down for his birthday. I got him a brie for his cake as we used to eat whole blocks of it each after nights out! Don't know how we managed to stay slim! We were also putting away a whole packet of cocktails sausages and whole packs of salami too. One day we woke up and he had tied my foot to the bed. Another time we woke up and there was salami selotaped to the wall. Such fond memories.

Finally - THIS YOGHURT!!!! by The Coconut Collaborative! It's new & it's coconut yoghurt (obvs) which is so exciting if you are not eating dairy for whatever reason (with me it's to avoid the sugar in the lactose) because all soya yoghurts are sugar laden (and taste rubbish) but this isn't, it has no added sugar. It's also really cool packaging and it has a nod to the paleo diet on the back! it's not often you see paleo friendly snacks so this, for me, signifies a breakthrough in awareness as this little guy was picked up in Sainsbury. It tastes buff and is just over £1. 

Have you tried it? what was your September like? I'd love to hear from you so hit me in the comments or get me at Have a lovely October!


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