20 Healthy, Sexy Fry-Up Ideas

by - August 25, 2015


Traditional English breakfast is one of the most famous worldwide but greasy spoon cafe's let it down so take the power back and own it in your own kitchen. Let's work with what we've got and switch it up a bit to create the sexiest fry ups....

Eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding are super satisfying and will keep you feeling satiated for ages and, let's face it, sort you RIGHT out after a big night. Adding vegetables is cheap, easy and of course a great way to have more each day. I hate baked beans they are shit. Too sweet and just blah. Get creative! 
Ok so let's look at the basic staples and see what we can do with them:

Eggs - Scrambled, poached, boiled, fried, baked - TIP: Always fry your eggs in butter for maximum sexiness
Bacon - Streaky, smoked, unsmoked, proscuitto, pancetta
Veg - Cherry/plum/vine/beef tomaotes, portabello/button/closed cup/chestnut mushrooms, courgette, spinach, avocado, squash and any others you fancy
Sausages - Chorizo? chipolatas? farmhouse?
Potatoes - Fried? roasted? sweet? mashed?
Bread or not? -Tiger? French toast? Tiger French toast? Crumpets? GIANT crumpets?! 
If you ARE going to eat bread you might as well make it a filthy white!  

Loads of combinations! Here are some recent fry ups from RR to get you inspired:

Crispy AF bacon with rocket, poached egg and guacamole

Poached eggs on buttery crumpets with courgette batons, bacon and rocket

Beetroot greens, griddle courgette, fried black pudding

A beautiful eggy mess

Boiled eggs with bacon-wrapped asparagus

Buttered then griddled tiger bread to make French Toast, griddled asparagus in garlic butter, fried eggs and crumbled crispy black pudding 

Broccoli fried in garlic butter with mixed leaves and fried eggs 

Poached eggs, dressed leaves & crispy bacon

Mash an avocado with some salt, pepper and chilli flakes for a quick guacamole which tarts up any brekkie - [Click here for Super Fast Guacamole Recipe without the chilli]

Blast sweet potatoes in the microwave before frying them in butter to make little crispy chips as a base for the poached egg - that's grilled chorizo you can see on top of the guacamole

Egg baked avocado - one of my most popular recipes - you can find it here

Egg bacon cups - full recipe here

A soft boiled egg on a bacon and apple salad with spinach - full recipe here

Grilled unsmoked streaky bacon with eggs, grilled courgette, avocado and eggs fried in butter.

Spinach fried in garlic and olive oil with king prawns, mushrooms and spring onions around a fried egg

Scrambled egg on a bed of spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms and a mug of green tea

The BEAST - the full works:  garlicky spinach with tomatoes fried in olive oil, griddled courgette, baked mushrooms, grilled bacon and scrambled egg on toast! 
Halloumi rolled in sesame seeds and olive oil and grilled alongside chipolatas with baked mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and raw slaw 

I know I said I hated baked beans and this was the last time I had them. I had to make them super spicy by adding lots of chilli to them to find them tolerable but I just liked the composition of this meal and thought I'd share it with you! Simply spinach, eggs, really peppery mushrooms and spicy beans. 

What's YOUR favourite fry-up? Talk to me in the comments below or hit me up on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube using the links above for more fit food and fun X

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