June's Juicy Bits: A RRRound Up

by - July 03, 2015

Well June has certainly been delicious. So many things to write about I don't know where to start! Here is a little overview of the culinary highlights from eating out to eating in (in and around haha) ;) be inspired! 

I'm going to start by sharing my new love of Jerky!  'getting into Jerky' was never something I really thought would happen; I am not a body builder for one nor am I from Texas. However, I have been swinging way more to the Paleo side of life since writing for PrimalEye and it is still pretty difficult to go to a supermarket at lunchtime and locate a paleo lunch. Due to working a lot during the summer I don't have that much time to make my own lunch  as much, so I have recently been trying to scope out good, cheap, sources of protein to accompany, quite often, an avocado based meal. Some bits of jerky are tough as hell but most are great and it's a good workout for your teeth and jaw (very paleo). Watch out for ones which are too salt laden though. Also LOVING this beetroot snack bar from Rude Health. Love the packaging and love the ingredients: dates, cashews, beetroot, sunflower seeds :) 

Whilst I'm on the paleo points you can find this month's recipe which I wrote for PrimalEye here it's a Mango Gazpacho with Grilled Prawns! very easy and simple and delicious!

I was asked to assist with catering for a wedding at The Bevendean pub (The Bevvy) which is the first Co-operative pub in the UK! As a food revolution Ambassador it was a real privledge to be asked to design food which is going to be associated with their first wedding - setting the standard and really showing people how tasty and nutritious, low-cost food can be!  I rustled up some Turkish cous cous, a beetroot and horseradish humous with crudites, red lentil fritters taken from this recipe, a big bowl of my 'raw slaw, a Persian frittata, little cucumber cups filled with tuna and mixed peppers & peppers stuffed with cracked black pepper cream cheese and finished with paprika:
which I had to make again at home:

I was helping Iain from The Seven Bees, who is a pleasure to work with an I always learn loads when I am with him :) 

here's some of the spread in all it's colourful, RawRhubarb glory! Gimme a shout if you want me to cater for your event!

Wildlife! This festival was so good! great group of people, good music and delicious food either side. I sorted out the party goers by fueling them with breakfast, making rum, ginger beer and lime ice lollys in the middle and then giving them a vegan detox meal afterwards! 

I also made my friend Kerri this very sexy vegetarian halloumi ratatouille type thing which you can find the recipe for here

After Wildlife I did the 10 day RNLI water only challenge (appropriate) which you can read about here: it's designed to raise money to support the RNLI in the already amazing job they are doing to save lives at sea. As a (previous) surfer -no bloody waves in Brighton, it's a cause close to my heart and I also relished the challenge. 

I was given many food related gifts in June! One of my lovely students gave me some coconut truffles from Thorntons, another brought me back some dates from Saudi Arabia (as requested), another presented me with this hilarious hot dog sweet at bowling - lol remember them? and The Boy gave me a jubbly! another blast from the past! I am royally spoiled. All food gifts are welcome :) 

On the subject of edible gifts, I was also invited to the launch of the new bakery in town, Raise, who sent me an EDIBLE INVITE! wow! unfortunately I couldn't go this time but their products are very enjoyable. I had to share them with colleagues because one bite told me just how good (not good for you) they were! American style buttery sugary, sort of thing my brother (Dave if you are reading this get down there) would love. 

I went out for some food! I went back to the Crumpety Tree, an old favourite that I reviewed a while ago but as I am not really keen on doing reviews (too nice) you won't find many here. I must say it is still spanking (bottom left) with a 'medium salad plate' of loads of goodies: chickpeas, lentils, homemade slaw, homemade pate's, cooked veg, artichokes, leaves, potatoes and other bits topped wtih smoked salmon for £5.90!! bargain! The top pictures are from Street Diner, which is ALWAYS A WINNER! the top left is a type of Japanese omlette, which tasted English due to it's high parsnip and bacon content, and the top right is pulled pork, slaw and gerkin. Fit. Read my friend Rosie's review here for more info on Street Diner. Bottom right is Thai Connection, Blatchington Street, Hove - it's on tastecard which is the reason I tried it (sorry TC) but have been back 3 times and it's always great. Try the spicy thai sausage starter it's amazing!

I did also do some of my own cooking, of course - not made of money. Top left we have some delicious tomatoes given to me by Rosie, on mashed avocado on wholegrain ricecakes. Nice summery lunch. Top right is a spicy beef and portabello stir fry with courghetti noodles. Nice Nice. And that sexy salmon is up on the blog - it's a FIT marinade of chilli, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and honey. That's basically it, but to read the full blog post, click here 

Well, as they say in Looney Tunes, that's all folks! It's Friday night and I have some turkey to cook for the boy which you will probably see on here very soon! Have a great weekend whatever you're doing and please let me know if you replicate any recipes or visit any of the places mentioned, in the comments below. 

Jenna x

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